My name is Pedro, I am from Amarante and I was part of the project COOLIVING that took place in Casa da Juventude de Amarante, in October 2020, with other participants coming from Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. This project had as goals provide the participants with a group of information and experiences that met and standed for environmental and personal good practices, as a way to improve our lifestyle. From activities related to sports (yoga, capoeira, hikes in the nature…) to others related to sustainability and the usage of good practices tools that are easy to use (“Worm Revolution”, Seed Bombs, Fit For Kids…). All I have learnt was like an avalanche of information and experiences that still have impact on my life. All this time after the project, I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, started my own garden, in which I try to use only Bio products, and made a 6 month ESC project in Greece, also related to good practices, where I had the chance to start an organic garden with the help of the organization. It were 5 days of interaction and sharing of experiences that hardly I will forget!”

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