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may, 2020

28mayAll DayGlobal Health Summit (Virtual) - Coronavirus

Event Details

Hear from experts, industry leaders an influencers on how to prepare yourself during the COVID19 epidemic.

About this Event

The Global Health Summit launches at the start of a new decade marking a long-term commitment to engaging stakeholders of Health until 2030 and raising the standard of health care consensus around the world.

This edition of the Global Health Summit will serve to highlight some of the most pressing contemporary global health challenges such as Covid-19, mental health, heart health, diabetes, cancer and much more.

The aim will work towards showing the diverse approaches that contribute to improving access to health and building a sustainable agenda for global health. The summit will also be looking at Globalisation, Crisis and Health System focused towards identifying sustainable responses to crisis with an emphasis on lessons learned from local and regional initiatives. At a moment where multiple crises are unfolding, involving pandemics, skilled staff, finance, food security and global environment change. There will be discussions looking at how to strengthen the health sector responses, health consequences and mitigation measures of crisis arising from other sectors.

Areas to be discussed:

  1. Access to Health care
  2. Strengthening of Health Systems and the Global Health Workforce
  3. Globalization, Crisis and Health Systems: Confronting Regional Perspective
  4. Growing challenges chronic diseases
  5. Global Health: Interconnected Challenges, Integrated Solutions
  6. Sustainable and Affordable Innovations in Healthcare
  7. Global Health Precision in the digital age


All Day (Thursday) london




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